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Washing machine anti-vibration pad

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Does your washing machine and dryer cause irritable noise and vibration while working? Then must buy specialized anti-vibration pads that has wonderful advantages:
These pads are conical in shape with 4-7 cm diameter.
These anti-vibration pads are designed to reduce to reduce friction with floor that causes noise.
These high-quality pads enhance efficiency of washing machine.
They act as excellent shock absorber.
They have great ability to absorb vibration.
They are kept under the feet of washing machine to give a stable posture to it.
It is a versatile product and can be kept under feet of refrigerators and air coolers etc.
They can be easily fit under the feet of washing machine.
These are available in rubber and plastic material.
Anti-vibration pads do not allow washing machine and dryer to walk around while working.
Due to these durable pads, washing machine will not get damaged.
For your home appliances, you must have this wonder household gadget. It is reasonable in price with a great advantage. So, avail the chance and place your order of washing machine anti-vibration pads. Bakumia has many more household gadgets like these. Just discover more on this site.