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Portable Mini washing machine

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Large and heavy washing machines are difficult to use and move. That’s why bakumia is offering a portable washing machine that is preferable over ordinary washing machine because of many wonderful advantages:
Usually, small clothes cannot clean properly in large machine, but this machine is highly suitable for small-sized clothes.
It comes with a rotator and long cord that is put into a backet.
It cleans clothes very fast.
It occupies less space. Thus, can be placed any corner of the home.
Due to its small size, it gives decent look to your laundry.
It requires less watts of power for working.
It is a portable mini washing machine. So, can be carried out for traveling purposes such as campaigns, business tour.
It is easy to use. You will put clothes in it and plug the switch and get your clothes washed in minutes. is providing you high-quality, durable, innovative, and portable mini washing machine in very affordable price. So, rush to add this portable washing machine to cart.