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Aluminum automatic door closer

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Now, let your doors to close by themselves because we are offering automatic door closer. Usually, doors get damaged with time because of slamming doors. So, it is necessary to use punch free automatic sensor door closer to make your doors’ life It long. It is a quality, cool, household gadget that protects your doors and windows by sensing and automatically closes the door without slamming. If you are in hurry, this gadget can close door for you.
It is made of good quality aluminum and alloy.
It is easy to install in doors. It has sticking glue at the back surface. You just have to remove the sticker and stick it with the door.
It has a long string that is to be attached with a hook on the other side of door.
It is very simple and easy in its working.
It never rusts with rain and storm.
It is durable automatic door closer, so can be used over the years.
It saves your energy by closing door without any effort.
It is suitable for all types of doors such as wood, aluminum, glass etc. It is high temperature resistant.
It is a versatile punch free automatic sensor door closer that can be used in home, school, office and home office.
If you get angry with voice of doors when slammed, them must use this cool, innovative and unique gadget. Buy in affordable price from here.