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Are you designing a new look for your home? Then, you should have an expert guide in this regard. On the internet, you can find countless ideas and tips to renovate and design your home. Every point of a home requires your detailed attention. In this informative article, I will delve into the home essentials hub where you will find a lot of practical, affordable, and mind-blowing ideas for your home, kitchen, and washroom. Further, I will guide you in finding a perfect home improvement store in Pakistan.

Benefits of Exploring a variety of Home Improvement Products:

Home Improvement Items come in a wide range and types. They are further classified as kitchen, washroom, and laundry items. Every item has a specific application and purpose in your home.


A huge variety of household items provide you with affordability. In a wide range, there will be expensive and cheap items, but you can choose according to your affordability.

Cover all corners of a Home:

A wide range of home items cover all the corners of a home including a kitchen, washroom, TV lounge, etc. You will not explore separate platforms if you explore a shop having a wide variety.

Ideas for Home, Kitchen, and Washroom Items:

For Home:

Home is a big place, so it needs more effort. There are the following ideas that you can follow to design your home:

  •  It is an era of minimalism. You should avoid large objects and decoration pieces and keep mini and cute decorative items in your rooms, TV lounge, and Corridor.
  •  Keep fewer but valuable things in your home. Do not overstuff decorative items and frames on the walls of your home.
  •  Paint the walls of your home in light colors to give an aesthetic and simple look to your home.

For Kitchen:

The kitchen is relatively a small place, but you spend a lot of time here. That's why this place also needs many wonderful ideas. There are the following ideas that you should follow while designing your kitchen:

  •  Keep all types of kitchen accessories in your kitchen. These accessories are functional as well as valuable for a perfect look at your cooking place.
  •  It is a modern age, and many innovative appliances are available in the market. You should keep all these appliances including flameless stoves, automatic range hoods, juicers, coffee makers, and grinders.
  •  Make a mini bookshelf in one corner of your kitchenette. You can read your favorite books when you are cooking or waiting for a meal.

For Bathroom:

A bathroom is a place that should be cleaned and maintained regularly. There are the following wonderful ideas that will help you in styling a new bathroom:

  •  Keep all types of essential bathroom accessories including a tissue paper holder, soap dispensers, toothbrush holder, and towel holder.
  •  Make your washroom a peaceful place by adding a touch of aestheticism to it. You can make it an aesthetic place by using light color curtains at the window of your washroom.
  •  Use toilets, toilet seats, washbasins, and taps of light colors. Do not use extra bright colors in your washroom.

Guide for Finding a Perfect Home Improvement Store:

You will need a way to reach the perfect home improvement store after reading the above ideas for household, kitchen, and washroom items. A store where you can purchase home essentials at a reasonable price. I will tell you about a perfect site in Pakistan. It is Bakumia.

What is Bakumia?

Bakumia is an online shopping store containing a wide variety of home improvement products. The prices of all the items are very affordable so that everyone can design and renovate his home lavishly. The quality of all the items is very high because we know the value of your investment in your home. In Pakistan, our website is the most trusted website for ideas related to home renovation and decoration. We provide expert guides through our blogs and articles.


In conclusion, a journey to renovate or design your home requires careful consideration and access to a wide array of household, kitchen, and washroom items. Exploring diverse options not only enhances affordability but also ensures the coverage of every corner of your living space. There are many wonderful ideas including minimalism in home d├ęcor, integrating innovative kitchen appliances, and creating serene bathroom spaces. Finding the perfect store is essential to facilitate your home improvement endeavors. In Pakistan, Bakumia stands out as a trusted online destination offering high-quality products at affordable prices, coupled with expert guidance for your renovation and decoration needs.

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